Brendan A. Galipeau 高進榮


高進榮 助理教授
Brendan A. Galipeau
電話:03-5715131 #42820

Regions: Southwest China, Mainland Southeast Asia

Research Areas: Environment, Economy, Landscape, Agriculture, Food, Water Resources, Hydropower Resettlement, Catholic Missionaries in China and Tibet

As an environmental anthropologist focused on agriculture, food, and development practices, my work is guided by two questions which I see as carrying both scholarly and applied practical significance: 

What are the roles of culture broadly speaking (religion, ethnicity, identity, history, etc.) in shaping people’s interactions with their surrounding natural environments and ecology, in particular through agriculture? How do individuals and communities balance the need for economic development with environmental protection and cultural preservation? Are these two things mutually exclusive?

My previous research has primarily focused on the Tibetan regions of Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, though I have also taken part in projects involving dams and water resources management and policy in North America, and between India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. I also maintain active research and teaching interests in mainland Southeast Asia with its proximity to Yunnan. I have been engaged in research among rural Tibetan and other minority ethnic communities in Southwest China for the past fourteen years since first traveling to the region as an undergraduate for a field studies program in 2007. Since that time, I have returned annually in a variety of capacities, first working for an NGO in community tourism development work, and then both for master’s and doctoral research, first on the agricultural impacts of hydropower resettlement and more recently for my current book project in the final stage of completion exploring the development of a Tibetan region as a new area for global wine production. This book specifically explores the ways in which landscape transformation surrounding the state introduction of viticulture and global capitalism have led to changes in local ethnic identity and human-environmental relationships. Recently, I have begun new comparative research on indigenous salmon conservation and climate change in Taiwan and small-scale commercial salmon farming in Southwest China.



  • PhD in Anthropology, University of Hawai̔i at Manoa, USA
  • MA in Applied Anthropology, Oregon State University, USA
  • Graduate Certificate in Water Resources Conflict Management and Transformation
  • BS in Environmental Science, University of Oregon, USA
  • Minors: East Asian Studies, Biology, Geography

Professional Appointments 

  • 2019.8– Assistant Professor, Institute of Anthropology, National Tsing Hua University
  • 2017.7-2019.6 Postdoctoral Fellow in Transnational Asian Studies, Chao Center for Asian Studies, Rice University, USA
  • 2013.8-2019.7 Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, University of Hawai̔i at Manoa, USA

Teaching Experience 

National Tsing Hua University:

  • ANTH 666800 Cultures and Societies of Southeast Asia Graduate Seminar
  • ANTH677500 Graduate Seminar in Contemporary Anthropological Theory
  • HSS 350500 Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia
  • ANTH678100 Food, Culture, and Society Graduate Seminar
  • HSS 350800 Ethnic Minorities of China
  • ANTH678400 Nature, Culture, and Power from Colonialism to 21st Century Capitalism Graduate Seminar
  • HSS 450600 Classic Readings in Ecological Anthropology

Rice University, USA:

  • ASIA 318: Asia-Pacific: Nature, Culture, & Power from Colonialism to 21st Century Capitalism
  • ASIA 317: Environment and Society in China: Searching for Ecological Civilization

University of Hawai̔i at Manoa, USA:

  • ANTH 488: Chinese Culture Through Ethnography
  • ANTH 415: Ecological Anthropology
  • ANTH 429: Consumer Cultures
  • ANTH 427: Food, Health, & Society

IES Abroad Kunming:

  • SO301: Contemporary Issues in Chinese Society

Oregon State University:

  • ANTH 318: Peoples and Cultures of the World: China


  • 2017 Terroir in Tibet: Wine Production, Identity, and Landscape Change in Shangri-La, China. PhD Dissertation, Department of Anthropology, University of Hawai̔i at Manoa.
Journal Articles:
  • 2021    Galipeau, Brendan A. “Free in the Mountains or Home in the Vineyard: Institutional Changes in Agriculture and Negotiating Between Contract Farm Labour and Valuable Fungi Collection in Tibet.”  Journal of Agrarian Change 21(1): 143-159.

  • 2018 Galipeau, Brendan A. “A Tibetan Catholic Christmas in China: Ethnic Identity and Encounters with Ritual and Revitalization.” Asian Ethnology 77(1&2): 335-370.

  • 2015 Galipeau, Brendan A. “Balancing Income, Food Security, and Sustainability in Shangri-La: The Dilemma of Monocropping Wine Grapes in Rural China.” Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environment 37(2): 74-83.

  • 2014 Galipeau, Brendan A. “Socio-Ecological Vulnerability in a Tibetan Village on the Mekong River, China.” Himalaya, the Journal of the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies 34(2): 38-51.

  • 2013 Galipeau, Brendan A., Mark Ingman, and Bryan Tilt. “Dam Induced Displacement and Agricultural Livelihoods in China’s Mekong Basin.” Human Ecology: An Interdisciplinary Journal 41(3): 437-446.
Book Chapters:
  • 2017 Galipeau, Brendan A. “Tibetan Wine Production, Taste of Place, and Regional Niche Identities in Shangri-La, China.” In Trans-Himalayan Borderlands: Frontiers, Modernities and Livelihoods, eds. Dan Smyer Yu and Jean Michaud. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. Pp. 207-228.
Work in Progress:
  • Crafting a Tibetan Terroir: Wine Production, Identity, and Landscape Change in Shangri-La.
    Book manuscript under contract and revision with University of Washington Press.
  • In review      Galipeau, Brendan A. “Resisting and Indigenizing Modernity: Living in a Sacred Buddhist Landscape with Agrochemical Pollution in Southwest China.” Submitted to Current Anthropology.
  • In revision    Galipeau, Brendan A. “Damming China’s Shangri-La: Land Requisition and Loss of Water, Rice, and Livelihood in a Catholic Tibetan Village.” For inclusion in Ling Zhang and Mindi Schneider eds., “Feeding, Eating, Worrying: Chinese Food Politics Across Time. Special issue of Global Food History.
General Publications (non-reviewed):
  • 2017 Galipeau, Brendan A. “Winemaking and Viticulture in Diqing: French and Swiss History Meet Modernity.” In Shangri-La Inside Out: Ethnic Diversity and Development, eds. Ben Hillman and Chen Junming. Kunming: Yunnan People’s Publishing House. (In Chinese)
  • 2017 Galipeau, Brendan A. “Protecting Sacred Commons: Balancing Commodity Viticulture Economies with Ecological Health in Shangri-La.” Made in China: A Quarterly on Chinese Labour, Civil Society, and Rights 2(2): 46-49.