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Application Information


    For domestic students, enquiries about admissions, examinations and registration, please contact our admissions team: (03) 5731300, 5731301, 5731385, 5731398, 5731399, 5731014.

    For enquiries about registration and enrollment, please contact our registration team: (03)5731391, 5731012.

Admissions team website: http://admission.nthu.edu.tw/Main.aspx


Doctoral Program

    Candidates must have a master's degree from a domestic or foreign university recognized by the Ministry of Education (including students soon-to-complete their MA degree), or have the same academic qualifications (subject to review and approval by our school)

    For more information, please refer to:



Master of Arts Program

    Enrollment information for our school's master’s entrance exams is announced before the end of November every year, with registration in early December.  The initial written examination is conducted in February.  To enroll for the exam., please refer to the current year's brochure at the website below.

    For more information, please refer to:



International Students

    For enquiries about admissions, examinations and registration, please contact OGA office: 886.3.5715131 # 62461 E-mail: hcchan@mx.nthu.edu.tw

    For complete information on international application requirements please visit:


Application to the Master of Arts in Austronesian Studies

    Most requirements are the same as for all international students applying to master’s programs.  The university utilizes a unified entrance and examination system.

    For the most current information, requirements, and procedures in English, please refer to the following:


Requirements for this program specific to the Institute of Anthropology:

Proof of English proficiency:

    TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language Exam) minimum score of 94 or IELTS minimum score of 7.  Please have your official scores sent directly to the Institute of Anthropology, National Tsing Hua University and also provide a copy with your application as a backup.

    If you are from an English-speaking country, please submit a copy of your passport to be exempted from this requirement.  If you have obtained a previous degree in an English-speaking institute you are required to submit copy of your transcript or diploma in lieu of English test score.